10,000 T's Cribs- Justin (Quarantine) Edition

In the spirit of social distancing and quarantining and all that fun stuff I recently decided to fill my time by repainting my bed room. In that process my bed frame broke so my mattress is on the floor. (Got kicked to online college so I might as well embrace the lifestyle at my mom's).

Now let me tell you, anyone who says that they need a bed frame or it makes the room better, or anything dumb like that, they are an idiot or have never tried the luxury of straight mattress on floor. It is pure luxury, I feel like the 1% should be doing this because of how nice it is. Maybe in the Gates' mansion Bill and Linda (Melinda?) have their $10,000 mattress on the floor because they're obviously smart people and know the benefits.

Let me highlight the pros for you because I've done the research:

-Don't have to climb in/out can just plop down or roll out. None of this squatting or leaning business to get in and out of my place of rest.

-In line with the fan (my fan is also on the floor because I have no way to properly raise it)

-My new dog can get into bed easily (adopted him recently, not a big deal. Kind of a hero)

-The floor is my nightstand, no need for furniture when the floor is next to you.

-Ultimate productivity work from home/blogging station


Look how productive


-None, there are none.

If this didn't sway you I don't know what will. Give it a shot, and when it changes your life ill take the credit, but I don't want it, just happy to have changed your life for the better. But I will be taking NONE of the blame when your mom yells at you for throwing out a bed frame like mine did (sorry mom)

(p.s yeah I read, I'm kind of a genius. Over 1,000 words in this bad boy. Who knew I was more than a talented blogger and a nice head of hair)

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