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10,000 Takes: Best Gameday Tweets of 2019

2019 was another year of Minnesota Sports letting us down. The Wild and Wolves shat the bed to start off the year, the Twins got swept by the Yankees (again), and the Vikings got their ass kicked by the Packers on national television just 2 days before Christmas. Luckily in September of 2019, a few friends got together and formed the multinational conglomerate known as 10,000 Takes. Since then we've been working hard to make Minnesota gamedays a little less miserable.

Enjoy 10,000 Takes Best Gameday Tweets from 2019

October 2019:

We gave you this beauty right after the Vikings got their ass kicked by the Bears to fall to 2-2 to start the year, and right before the Twins started their playoff series against the Yankees. God was that a depressing week...

After suffering an embarrassing sweep by the Yankees:

Bubba's pregame weather report @ Gopher tailgate before the Nebraska game:

KAT vs Embiid fight:

November 2019

10,000 Takes got our first taste of local virality thanks to Kirk sliding WAY before the chains on 3rd down:

When College Gameday said Fuck You to the Minnesota vs Penn State game, so we brought College Gameday to the U of M:

Who could forget Penn State QB Sean Clifford trying to "fuck our boat" before throwing 3 interceptions:

Our guy, Journalist Jake (JJ) storming the field after the Penn State win:

Kirk getting fancy @ Dallas during prime time:

Jerry Jones face after the Vikings sealed up the win:


KAT's Celly:

Chief's Take down Vikings without Patrick Mahomes:

Vikings have big comeback vs Denver:

… and Denver fans cant believe it:

Tanner Morgan throws a perfect pass during win @ North Western:

When College Gameday finally announced they were coming to the U of M:

THE GAME OF A LIFETIME Minnesota vs Wisconsin:

The boys bringing their pure sex appeal to College Gameday:

December 2019

Vintage Mikko during his 1000th game:

Rhodes open against Seattle:

Dumba lays some pipe... I mean shoulder:

Vikings dominate in Los Angeles:

Gophers Basketball beats #3 Ohio State:

Staal gets his 1000th point:

Ed Oliver says Hi to Tom Brady:

Vikings clinch playoff spot:

Vikings get embarrassed @ home against the Packers:

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Bonus Tweet: The 12 Days of MN Sports

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