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10,000 Takes Power Rankings: Week 1

Well, we made it. This blog is something people have been wanting me to do for a while. Its a direct view into 10,000 Takes, a weekly window that gives you a peak into what happens behind the senes. Because there's a lot more that happens then you might think...

How am I going to do it? We have 7 employees (and counting) that work here, so I am going to rank them based on personal performance, without any bias at all. All business, nothing personal.

1. Bossman

Once again, not biased here. But theres not a doubt in my mind that I work the hardest out of anyone here. You know the saying: "In a startup company, you have to wear many hats"? Well I wear so many different hats here that I'm like a fucking 5th grader that just discovered Lids. On top of being the CEO, I have to be a blogger (for the next 100 days), podcaster, video editor, PR man, marketing specialist, social media specialist, talent manager, etc... The list goes on and on...

And I'm not asking for any gratification here, I didn't just build a website to sit back and expect Rome to build itself. I'm not some piece of shit with a trust fund that calls himself an "investor". I'm just a guy with a dream, and that's why I came in number 1 this week.

2. Wags

Wags was the second guy to join me on this quest, he's always had a dream of ruling digital midwestern media. He's also a big picture guy. He's the guy staying awake with me until midnight to manage the beast. He's the one who posted the Rock clip, the one who got us mentioned on KFAN.

Also thanks to a connection of his, we have our own studio starting this summer. Fun shit is going to happen there. Wags has been dominating latley and earns the number 2 spot this week.

3. Journalist Jake

Journalist Jake falls in number 3 this week because he's been murdering the editing game. Wanna know how much time it takes to edit, upload, and promote a podcast? A lot of fucking time. Time that you could spend working out, watching sports, or talking to girls. (You know, stuff that normal guys in their early 20's do).

But no, Jake risks the condition of his lower back to camp in front of his computer. He sacrifices all of those other activities because he believes in The Take and believes in the movement, even at it's earliest stage. And the guy even has time to write a blog a few days a week. Does it typically feature a southwark meme? Yes. Does it talk about the Gophers sucking in one way or another? Possibly, but thats not his fault. It's the Gopher fault. Number 3 for JJ.

4. Rico Sauve

This one was difficult, because everyone from here on down blogs once a month if they're lucky... I spent the entirety of our last show ripping on his Peter for his lack of content. And I thought that maybe roasting him on Twitter as well as the show could squeak a blog out of him. But holy shit was I wrong

And on top of that he even admitted to playing Fortnite instead of working on the air, which is bananas considering he could have told me anything else and I would have believed him. But even after all that, I haven't heard a peep from Rico, which is more disappointing than my management abilities appearantly. Rico Sauve has earned a soft 4.

5. Bubba

To be honest, Rico and Bubba were a dead tie on this one, but Bubba has been more of a dick about it. So he falls in number 5 this week. He loves to throw around quotes like: "I am this company", "I'm the best to ever do it", and "I am human resources"... yet I don't see any proof behind it. And along with Peter, he writes 0 blogs, records one show, and then goes into hiding for a week. Bubba is a talented guy don't get me wrong, he might have some of the best networking skills I have ever seen...

But hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard, and I need more hard work out of Bubba. Which in that case he will have both attributes and may move his way up the power rankings for week 2. We will just have to tune in and find out what happens.

6. Justin Lees

Justin is creative, but he likes to go in hiding for longer then one week unlike the others. Which puts him below Rico and Bubba. And when he actually is involved its great! Only problem is that a time like that only comes around as often a solar or lunar eclipse, whichever one happens less is what I'm gonna go with.

And I get that he's a student and that he's busy. But I went through the same business program he's doing and it's not the end of the world... You are no nursing major Justin, I can see right through you. As an upcoming senior, trust me when I say you'll have time to blog next year.

7. Feece

Feece, Justin, and Wags were all in my college Fraternity. And out of all of those names, Feece is the only person I've never seen the Wild or blacked out side of. His Loons blogs are great, and I'd imagine he will do a much better job of covering that team than Rico does of covering the Wolves. Hell all he would have to do is actually write a sentence and he's there!

But I know Feece has a crazy side, and I need to see him get out of his comfort zone to access it through 10,000 Takes. So I'm going to be tanking Feece to the bottom of the rankings every week until I see him write a fiery hot take that is unrelated to Soccer. GAME ON ZACHARY...


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