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10,000 Takes Power Rankings: Week 2

W O W, was last week fucking electric or what? I created week 1 of the Power rankings list in the simplest form. Who is the best? Who is worst? And everything in between. Want to know how much shit I got from it? Plenty... It was bad enough to the point that Justin Lees crashed our website out of spite, and Bubba bitched me out (along with 12 other people) on his weekly edition of The Bubba Breakdown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zui4qqrJlHk

And this blog idea had the exact opposite effect that I wanted. Instead of my writers fighting for the first spot (which is given out to the hardest worker in an unbiased manner). They are fighting for the last spot for god knows what reason, as if this is some sort of game to see how fast they can give me a hernia. Believe me boys, you are making it difficult as the captain of this shit show. So thanks for that.

Ok, Ive talked enough about me....

1. Bossman

Looks like I get to stay on my throne for another week. I've been grinding on weekdays and now weekends for the Take. This thing is my baby, and because of that, I have to take care of it more than 5 days a week (parenting lesson for ya). I don't ask for any gratification for my hard work, I'm just out here having fun.


Wags is going to stay in silver this week. Want to talk dedication?? He is a senior accounting student. If you have ever done taxes or taken an intro level accounting course, you know how much it fucking sucks. Especially when the UND business school refuses to believe it's 2020 and most jobs give you software to at least make the job a litteeeee easier.

But he doesn't care, he's been online every night helping with the recruiting, planning, and content peices of our war machine. Because Wags is balancing his senior class death run with 10,000 Takes, he comes in at #2

3. JJ

At most companies, admitting you got so drunk you passed out in a Woman's bathroom on Friday night would result in some sort of punishment. In this company?? You get rewarded for providing us the golden content that makes The Minnesota Rundown so good every Tuesday night on Youtube, Apple Podcast, and Spotify...

And on top of that, JJ has kept killing the editing game (except for that one time). Bubba tried to shit on Jake for having a high ranking thanks to his editing skills, but guess what? Having skills helps us do what we do. Having skills is what delivers value. And when you deliver value, you move up in the rankings... It's a really simple system people.

4. Bubba

God I hope I don't regret this... Last week Bubba made some good points on his show. His dedication problem isn't a lack of effort, its a lack of access to technology. Bubba cares about this blog a lot, he just doesn't have the tools to do his job to the greatest extent. So once he gets a computer, I'm excited to see if he can give the three guys above him a run for their money. Until then, he's gonna to hang out in limbo territory along with a majority of Minnesota sports teams in the middle of their season.

5. Rico Sauve

What's sad is that Rico is my co-host and I rarley hear from him. He's also way too cool to hang out with me on the weekends. I know he's got good ideas, but he has a burning addiction to Fortnite, so I'm gonna have to sabatoge that or brainwash him. If anyone has any helplines or insider knowledge on that shit, DM me on Twitter @BossmanLevy

6. Feece

Zach Feece is still far too innocent in my eyes, I hear stories and see an occasional photo. He's too nice, I know the wild side is there. I just need to figure out the secret formula to bringing it in the light. Maybe one of my friends in North Dakota can help me with this one. He's going to be the best damn Loons journalist to ever do it. We just need to see some more fire in the kid.

7. Zepper

Zepper literally joined the team today, so there isn't quite much to report right now. I have a feeling he might move up, but we will have to see next week.

8. Justin Lees

Congrats Justin, you earned yourself the spot that 4 other people were fighting for, and you earned it in epic fashion... You crashed the website for almost 24 hours straight: https://www.10000takesmn.com/post/just-lees-crashed-our-website

Why did he do it? Because he received a poor ranking last week, and he was sad. So he performed some witchcraft that took even a tech savy guy like me almost a whole day to fix. But hey Justin, if you used that magic to get us some more pageviews, you might just move up next week!


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