A Win is a Win

So there was a Vikings game yesterday, at least I'm pretty sure it was them. Now they didn't look like the usual Minnesota Vikings like we are all used to, and that's okay. I feel that they played to the level of the opponent and we got the W so everything is fine. Detroit sucks, we played boring and dull but honestly a win is a win. Also after four straight games on the edge of my seat a boring game where we knew we'd win after the first TD was much needed.

But look on the bright side, Kirk can still be one of the best quarterbacks in the league if he wants to (at least top 32). At the end of the first half with 2 minutes left he turned it on and got us 7 headed into the locker room. That is the team we need to close out the regular season.

The defense looked fine, but I the obvious story line from the defense was Danielle Hunter. He is the youngest player in NFL history to have fifty sacks at only age 25. (he's actually at 52 but that's not as flashy) If you didn't know it before, you better now, Hunter is the real deal and I don't think we have even began to see his peak yet.

The Vikes remaining schedule is Chargers on the road and then Bears, Packers both at the Bank, which is huge because the Vikings are the only team that is undefeated at home and the numbers prove it. And hopefully we can get Thielen in for at least one of these at this rate. He is a huge help on offense taking the defense off of Diggs. But for now we'll enjoy this boring W and try and get another, maybe more exciting one against the Chargers.


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