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Adam Rank Sucks

You hate to see it. You really do. Back in June, NFL Media’s Adam Rank predicted that the Vikings would finish with a record of 5-11...

Well after 8 games Mr. Rank's prediction isn't looking too hot. The Minnesota Vikings are currently 6-2 , on a four game winning streak, and are currently ranked 5th in the NFL.com power rankings. Even if the Vikings were to lose every single game for the rest of their season they would STILL finish with a better record then this NFL "expert" predicted.

It literally hurts my head to look at his predictions. Since the year 2000 the Minnesota Vikings have gotten 5 or less wins only THREE times! How did Adam Rank really think a team loaded up with Pro Bowl talent on both sides of the football would have the same record as the 2013 Vikings Quarterbacked by Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel? With the Vikings performing below average last season I could understand a preseason prediction of 8-8 or 7-9 and consider it fair, but 5-11? What could make an "expert" get it so wrong?

Check out the video of Adam Rank predicting the Vikings record here

It took a little digging, but I was able to find out why his predictions were so horribly inaccurate. Adam Rank is a huge *Gasp* Chicago Bears fan.

Mr. Rank, acting as a completely unbiassed "expert", had the Bears winning the NFC North with a 13-3 record, and predicted the Bears to win the Super Bowl this year.

Obviously, Mr. Rank has a greater bias than America's corporate media, so we can completely disregard him, but don't just take my word for it. 10,000 Takes own Bubba (from The Bubba Breakdown and The Minnesota Rundown), had this to say about Mr. Rank's prediction:

"The guy clearly doesn’t know football or he’s just trying to be funny with a moronic bit. I never saw how this team would go 5-11 and Im the biggest Debby Downer on the Vikings. This guy clearly needs to learn the game of football and watch games. Otherwise he shouldn’t make moronic predictions"

Well said Bubba


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