• Zach Feece

Adidas Reveals New MLS Kits and...Oof

Adidas finally released the new MLS kits for the 2020 season and they...aren't great. The new designs were supposed to be in honor of the league's 25th year anniversary. Given this you would think the creative minds at Adidas might give a nod to the '90s era and bring back some of those designs because honestly, those were dope:

I mean, come on, you can't tell me kits like this wouldn't FLY off the shelves nowadays.

But noooo instead we get these designs that are about as cookie cutter as a jersey can get. Adidas pretty much just took one generic template and copy and pasted teams' logos on them. I could probably get more creative than that, and my artistic ability is atrocious at best. My biggest gripe is the three stripes on the shoulder. I get that Adidas wants to incorporate their logo, but it just looks forced on most of the jerseys. Besides that a lot of them are just plain boring and ugly. Like poor Houston Dynamo.

A team's uniform is one of the most important aspects of their identity. While players and coaches come and go, the uniform is always there. It gives us fans something to latch onto; makes us feel united together as part of the team. Besides just being fun, sports help us feel a connection with people we may never meet and give us the opportunity to be a part of something larger than ourselves. A jersey is the physical representation of these aspects that make sports so great. This is why it's so frustrating that Adidas has totally standardized the MLS kits this year. Instead of creating unique, colorful kits that represent each teams' unique identity, they all just look the same. That takes something away from us as fans.

That being said I'm gonna get off my soap box, take a step back from the negativity, and refocus on the thing we ACTUALLY care about: our beloved Loons. Thankfully United's kits were arguably the best new design of the whole bunch, and honestly one of the only designs that actually looks better than previous iterations. It seems like Adidas actually incorporated some of Minnesota's identity into these bad boys.

Look at that! I almost feel bad for ragging on Adidas for all their other kits. Everything about this just works. The stripes don't look forced, the color scheme blends well, and the return of the wing as the focal point of the jersey is huge. This is a nice throwback to the OG Loon's look back in their NASL days. I can't wait to see these kits on display while we dominate the league for the next 8 months.

If you wanna see the rest of the new kit designs, or just feel like puking in your mouth a little, click here.

I'll be posting an offseason recap before the Loon's season begins (March 1st) so stay tuned.

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