• Zepper

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

What's up everyone? I'd like to introduce myself, the latest and greatest addition to the 10,000 Takes crew. My name's Rhett, but I'll be going by Zepper.

A little bit about me, I live in Fargo, but I grew up in Minnesota. I'm a huge hockey/baseball/football fan. Just like everyone else, I live and die by our damn teams. I know I don't need to go through all the heartbreak we've all went through together.

I'm looking forward to putting out Wild, Twins, Vikings, Loons, and other nonsense content that you'll (hopefully) enjoy. Shoot me a follow on Twitter, and if you have feedback, or just want to chat, please tweet or DM me! And if you see me in public, it'll look something like this:

Thanks to the 10k Takes crew for bringing me on. You won't regret it. Let's get to work.

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