Amazon Is Going To Piss In Your Yard

Coronavirus? Covid-19? Who cares about a pandemic that can't reach you inside your house when Amazon drivers are out here pissing all over the place.

Per TMZ:

The latest outrageous footage comes from Maryland, where a Ring camera caught a driver peeing on a homeowner's lawn, driveway and sidewalk last weekend as he stood outside his cargo van. We're told the reason for the driver's outdoor urination was he locked himself out of his van, and apparently couldn't hold it any longer.

Of course this happened on the East Coast, they have their fair share of fucked up people. But the best part of the story is where this douchebag forgets what era he's living in. It's 2020 buddy, this is the age of technology. Whether you want to catch ding-dong ditchers on your front porch or spy on your kids at work, you can buy the RING security system for only $200.

I realize you were locked out of your van and had to go, but you couldn't find some shrubs? Even a drunk guy walking home or Sparky the dog has the god damn common courtesy to do that. But nope, you had to go right in front of the van all over the driveway like a barbaric animal.

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