An Update On Our Quarantined Beards: #NoCutCorona...

Yes I read the stupid piece by that cougar loving Journalist Jake and believe me, I didn't give a shit that he said most projects I start die, because he's right. However, I have a great excuse this time around the block... I have to wait for people like Bubba to take a shower and put gel in his hair (yes he put gel in his hair during week 1, I'm done arguing about that)... I also have to deal with people that wanted in the first time around but want out because they don't want the internet judging the way they look. As you can tell, I don't care about that because the picture below portrays me as a total douchebag whose Dad owns a chain of local grocery stores:

I caught Bubba in the parking lot and took this picture for him since he doesn't own a smartphone. By having all the power here, I didn't let him prepare for it and only allowed 1 photo to be taken. This isn't Instagram modeling out in fucking L.A. Bubs, one and done on this ship.

JJ must have taken this after realizing no one read that shitty blog about me. Guy looks like the way we all feel on a Monday morning:

Coleman had some impressive growth in the two weeks we took off from this bit. The only reason I say that is because he shaved the day before we started the challenge mistaking it for #NoShaveNovemeber... This isn't the minor leagues Coleman.

Zepper is the poster child of #NoCutCorona, this guy could pass as an animal at the Como Zoo with that volume of hair. Keep up the good work Zep.

Gabe must have forgotten that you have to grow out your beard on top of growing out your hair. Thats like showing up to the Masters expecting to play 9 holes.

Solid work Jack Mason. This man is too busy spitting fire beats he wouldn't have the time to shave even if there wasn't a quarantine.

Master Bates probably didn't event realize we were doing the challenge until I asked everyone to submit their photos for the week. I can blindly assume this is what he looks like 365 days a year. Business as usual Mr. Bates.

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