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  • Peter Sauve

Andrew Wiggins has been Brainwashed to think every team the Wolves play is OKC.

First and foremost I need to admit this is me now that Wiggins is balling and I have talked so much shit about him.

It is official. Andrew Wiggins is here and it seems he is finally here to stay. I have no idea what Ryan Saunders and Gersson Rosas did to Wiggins but, it is working. I'm actually convinced that they somehow brainwashed him to think that all 82 games consist of playing the OKC Thunder and only the OKC Thunder. Every average Wolves fan knows how much Wiggins has absolutely dominated the Thunder.

Andrew Wiggins has probably always been an absolute baller but he finally decided fuck it this year and is actually trying. It isn't just the three point shooting that is impressive about this turn around but the fact that Wiggins looks like the All around player he was meant to be. His handles are tighter, he finishes better at the rim, he rebounds, he's dishing out dimes, he's hitting threes, he's playing great defense no thanks to Tom Thibodeau. Wiggins is too damn talented to not be playing like this. I was always baffled by his inconsistency and extremely frustrated by his play.

ESPN came out with their top 100 players before the season and Wiggins was left off of it. Wiggins responded with "There's not 100 players better than me." I laughed my ass off when I saw he said this. I was thinking there are easily 100 players better than you if not more. It wasn't because Wiggins couldn't score but because of how insanely inconsistent he was. If Andrew Wiggins keeps playing like this he deserves to start in the All Star game and most likely won't because of the voting process.

From a fan that has been absolute hater for the last 4 years I am on the Wiggins bandwagon and would like to send out a sincere apology to Andrew Wiggins for all my hateful tweets. Maybe Glen Taylor does know shit about basketball? Haha hell no he doesn't. KG should own the Wolves. It's Wiggins world right now and we are all just living in it. Here is a GIF of Wiggins baptizing Rudy Gobert because it's still one of my favorite moments of his career.