Appearantly You Can't Bring A Gun On a Plane

Everyone thought this was common sense until today.

Per The New York Times:

Quinnen Williams, a defensive lineman for the Jets who was the third player chosen in last year’s N.F.L. draft, was arrested on a weapons possession charge Thursday night while trying to board a flight at La Guardia Airport, the authorities said. He was taken into custody around 9:15 p.m. after he was found to have a Glock 19 pistol, according to the Port Authority police. The authorities said that Williams, 22, had a permit for the weapon in Alabama, where he was a standout for the University of Alabama. His destination from LaGuardia was not immediately clear. A lawyer for Williams, Alex Spiro, said his client “respects and follows the law.”

Wanna talk about the start of a "Sophomore Slump" in the NFL? It's getting caught with a handgun while trying to board an aircraft. Out of all places you can get caught having a gun, this is by far the worst next to pretty much anywhere else in public.

Before everyone stereotypes NFL players (Vikings fans: Remember Jayron Kearse? Pepperidge Farm remembers) lets look at some confusion that occurred...

Quinnen Williams had a permit for the gun in Alabama, which makes it kind of Ok. Everyone in Alabama owns a weapon, and he registered it the right way. The only problem? He tried to leave Alabama with it, you can't just do that. The Department of Homeland Security won't let you do that. TSA won't let you do that. Even if you are taking a flight to a neighboring state and carrying the permit, you can't just board a plane with a weapon. I don't get how this isn't common sense.

I love how is Lawyer reacted. He said his client "Respects and follows the law"... Except for when he doesn't. The law doesn't let you take a weapon on a plane. This is a classic cover-up lawyer statement

Idk, I'm not mad or triggered about it, I just find find it funny that high profile people still get caught with weapons on them in places where you aren't allowed to have weapons. I guess it might just be a bit.


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