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Minnesota Bars are Closed Until May 1, And I'm Gonna Lose it

No, I'm not an alcoholic, but I am a young male in my early 20s. I love the bar (not all the time of course). You can go get stupid with friends, explore the city, meet new people, socialize or even get kicked out and have an entertaining story to tell the next day. And sometimes, occasionally, I can get a little messed up, but who doesn't.

My point is, the bars are common place for young people. And now they are closed for over a month. I certainly do other things to occupy my weekends, but a lot of times, my Friday and Saturday nights end at the bar, kicking back and chugging a few brewskies with the bros.

Now that I cannot go anywhere because of this stupid virus, I can't even go out and relieve this quarantine stress by having a few drinks at my local bars. I am going to go mad!

I understand the precautions Minnesota and other states are taking to ensure the spread slows, but closing the bars until May 1 is just asking for trouble. The longer we are locked in, the bigger the bubble that will soon burst. As soon as we are all released, the floodgates will open upon the world like the Great Flood!

I feel like the first night bars are open again, all hell will break loose! May God have mercy on our souls!

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