Baseball is Back!

The smell of fresh cut grass, chalk lines, and pine tar are in the air again…at least for South Korea that is, but that’s good enough for me to gamble on so play ball! As of 1 AM ET (the best time zone I might add) the KBO is set to kick off on ESPN and this will also kick off our post quarantine gambling season. You will be getting my analysis on picks a little later but I have a couple other things I would like to talk about first.

First off, amazing job done by everyone involved with the Sota Stream over this past weekend. I loved all the guests and their insight into all things Minnesota sports. This was a big step for this company and I love the way we as a group are heading.

With all that being said, I still have a monopoly on the truth and most importantly am here for the content not that you want, but what you need. Minnesota sports stand no chance of winning jack shit all year. That’s the safest gambling tip I could ever give you and you are welcome for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good homer just as much as the next guy/gal, but when you hear one you know one. There’s a reason Bossman wouldn’t let me anywhere near the stream, because he knew I would eventually ruin one of the fantastic interviews with my cold hard facts. Now, let’s get back to baseball…

My pick for this years KBO is the defending champs: the Doosan Bears, who lost last years MVP, Josh Lindblom, to the Milwaukee Brewers over the offseason. However, from my readings and scouting, I see a championship caliber team that is hungry to prove they can do it without him. My only other major take on this season would be, don’t believe in the Twins!! They are a regular season team that constantly chokes in the playoffs against the Yank…oh shit I’m mixing up my Twins. Believe me though they will live up to their American counterpart’s name sake. As always, happy betting, and I’m sure I’ll be on to defend my honor in some upcoming podcasts, so I will talk to you all then.

- Gamblin' Gabe

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