Battle of the Century: Trevor May vs Budweiser

Its a story that’s been told since it’s existence of heaviest, most manly (and American) beer, Budweiser. The way I see it there are two types of people in this world. Those that drink Budweiser and those that don’t. The people that do are people that ride motorcycles, watch NASCAR, wake up to make a full pot of black coffee while smoking 4 cigarettes before 8 am, and all of this done while wearing the cleanest denim suit you have ever seen. These people are America’s badasses and they live to the extreme.

Badasses like our star pitcher Randy Dobnak don‘t just drink Budweiser, they drink two and pour it all over themselves. With a handlebar mustache like that I’d imagine this is how he starts off his day, everyday.

Then there are those of us in the world that can’t drink Budweiser. Those of us that cant handle the sheer number of bar fights that are bound to come your way when you put your mouth on the bottle of Stone Cold Steve Austin juice.

One of those people is Trevor May:

Credit to him for chugging that much of it. He thought he had it too. Unfortunately he was no match for this bottle. It almost appeared as a delayed reaction once he actually swollowed it. But I can guarantee I made the same face the first time I ever drank that shit. I applaud Trevor for representing us Non-Budweiser drinkers, because not everyone can do it.

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