It didn't take long for one of 10,000 Takes newest members to completely piss off the self-proclaimed face of 10,000 Takes, Bubba. Ladies and gentlemen, it's safe to say we officially have BEEF.

Who doesn't love a good beef? Ali vs Frazier, Magic vs Bird, and Kanye vs Taylor Swift were all amazing, protein-filled beefs, but one beef might stand out among the rest. I'm talking about Bubba vs Gamblin' Gabe.

In his first-ever blog, Gamblin' Gabe decided to rip Minnesota apart. A bold move to pull on a predominantly Minnesota-themed sports blog, but you gotta respect the balls it takes to purposefully go after our largest fan-base.

Gabe went off on Minnesota pretty hard. He attacked everything from our weather to Kirk Cousins. Something in that blog must have struck a sensitive spot with Bubba, because with one Tweet the Beef Began.

I love it all. Bubba sticks up for his home state and Gabe mocks Bubba's fear of technology and it's fucking gold. Did Bubba go too far with the pube head comment? I don't think so, I mean Gabe could say the same thing right back to him because Bubba's a curly-headed fuck. This beef is just beginning and I can't wait to see who comes out on top.

UPDATE 3-27: Bubba vs Gamblin' Gabe will be on The Bubba Breakdown Podcast next week to discuss Gabe's blog.

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