#BossmanBlogs is Canceled Thanks to Covid-19

I had a vision, a vision that I could do what some people would say was extremely difficult, others would say it's impossible... I was going to write 100 blogs in 100 days. While it was going so well and and I was over 20% there.... The Coronavirus fucking struck.

Sports canceled, concerts canceled, bars/restauraunts closed... You name it, DONE. I'm actually considering betting on virtual sports and I'm 100% serious. Thats what this virus is doing to the blog. And on top of that, I'm starting to reilize that the level of material is diminishing. From that point it's a slippery slope of quantity over quality, which is something that doesn't play in the context of amateur "journalism".

So with that, I'm going to blog as much as a I can, but the streak has been broken and #BossmanBlogs is done. Thanks to all who supported it from the start.

Bossman Out

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