Breaking: After 7 Days, We Have Officially Made It

Yesterday marked the 1 week Birthday of 10,000 Takes, and the blogging God’s sent us a little present from above.

Yesterday somewhere in the ballpark of 8 P.M. we received a follow from the famous WCCO Radio on Twitter.

What makes this such breaking news is that WCCO doesn’t just follow every Brad and Chad on the internet. They only follow official media personal. By definition, that makes 10,000 Takes “Official Media Personal”.

Quoting Panic At The Disco (I’m not a fan, okay I might be a slight fan): “Hey look Ma I made it”. I‘m not sure what “it” is, but I’m pretty sure this is it.

Even though I’ve already purchased my $2.5 million mansion in Florida in light of this news, there is more work to be done!

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