BREAKING: College Gameday Is Coming to Minnesota This Weekend (Sort Of)

Don't call it clickbait, the "Sort Of" addition to the title should have been a good indicator that this statement is only 99% true.

You are probably asking yourself about that 1% right? Lets start with the facts:

1. There will be a College Gameday show filmed at the University of Minnesota this Saturday morning.

2. It will be sponsored by a home and hardware company.

2. It will feature 4 experts that preview, predict, and analyze the potential outcome of the game.

3. It will be filmed and broadcasted nationwide, for everyone to see.

The only difference? Instead of ESPN shooting it... 10,000 Takes will be shooting it.

I know your excited so please calm down... Because ESPN won't come here for a legendary game, someone had to grow the balls, step up to the plate, and film this show. And it sure as hell wasn't going to be ESPN. Thats what WE are here to do, not them.

I'll admit it, ESPN has a slightly larger budget, greater brand awareness, and more viewers then we do. But we have more heart. We will call it as we see it. Unscripted, unsober, and unapologetic.

This is the biggest opportunity we have had to date. We are going to deliver something that deserves to be delivered, and we are going to do a damn good job. So strap up and tune in on Monday when we release it.

Row the mother fucking boat


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