• Zepper


Huge breaking news just broke about the NCAA March Madness Tournament. The news broke just minutes ago:

Holy shit. One of, if not the most, watched sporting events in the U.S. is going to happen in front of empty seats.

With the spread of Coronavirus, and news breaking earlier today about the U of M and almost 100 other universities cancelling in-person classes, this news does not surprise me. Most of the west coast has already banned large gatherings of people, so this was most likely the next step.

I can only imagine that its only a matter of time before other leagues follow suit. I suspect we will see empty NHL and NBA arenas soon. And, if it lasts long enough, maybe this hits the MLB as well. Rumors are circulating there already, and clubhouses have been closed to the media for a bit now.

As a sports fan, it's going to be weird to see empty arenas. But, this is probably in the best interest of everyone, fans and athletes alike. Its nice to see a smart decision by the NCAA. We all know they've done some dumb shit in the past.

If you plan on watching the tournament, I guess its time to stay home, put yourself in a bubble, pour a nice, tall glass of Emergen-C, and enjoy some weirdly quiet basketball.

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