• Bossman

BREAKING: The Twins Are The AL Central Champions

I'm glad I didn't jinx it, I honestly think I deserve some credit for the clinch. I could have blown it at the end by blogging a alot.

But seriously, teams like the Yankees and the Dodgers win their division every year. Their fans don't even bat an eye when they outperform other teams and clinch.

But not this team, we have too much heart. We appreciate every single good moment because we know they don't come around often. Past heartaches have created this appreciation (Like how I have built a superstitious... no I'm not even going into that again).

Teams like the Yankees and Dodgers aren't celebrating their clinch, they are expecting a world series. Heartless fans that just want tropheys.

That's not us. We are much better than that. We are the fans that have been loyal through the 9 years of hardship and loved our Twins no matter what. I really want to start talking playoffs, dive into the predictions, and start the analysis. But I think that can wait. I say we wait until our first playoff game on October 4th to talk about that.

What I ask of Minnesota Twins fans is that we collectively take the next 8 days to celebrate. Let's celebrate the fact that no one knew how good we were going to be, yet we turned out to be the best power hitting team in the history of baseball. Lets celebrate the fact that we won our division for the first time in almost a decade. Let's celebrate this fucking team!!

It's late, I'm blogging, and I'm happy as shit. More Celebrating to come. Go Twins!

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