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BREAKING: U of M Extends Spring Break Over Coronavirus

You know, this may be wrong to say, but I wish there was a virus "pandemic" when I was in college. I would have killed for an extended spring break.

And, if you haven't already noticed, I attended the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!) where it was just announced their spring break will be extended two days to Wednesday, March 18, and all classes will be online until April 1. So technically, no one has to even arrive back on campus until the beginning of April.

Ok, the negative, we do have a stupid-ass virus from China that could have been contained in the first place, spreading at a moderate rate, BUT....students get a longer spring break. It's a balancing act. Weigh the pros and cons!

In addition, this Saturday's Big Ten hockey Tournament semifinal match-up between Minnesota and Penn State in Happy Valley will not allow any one from the public to attend. An overreaction or reasonable? I don't know honestly. I guess better safe than sorry!

It's going to be odd to see an empty arena even on TV. What's sad is if this game was being played at Mariucci, you probably wouldn't even notice a difference in attendance if fans were not allowed in the arena. It looks so damn empty all the time!

It's funny stuff though overall! Not the fact that the Coronavirus is spreading and has killed people, that's sad, but the fact everything is being cancelled over a virus that has impacted well less then one percent of the US population.

I get you do not want it to spread, but damn, people are acting like it's the end of the world out here. #CancelEverything

Calm down peeps!!!


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