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Bryson DeChambeau Scares Homeowners at the RBC

Over the past few years, guys like Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka have showed us that the long drive can be critical to winning on today's PGA Tour. Bryson Dechambeau was fairly average off the tee in terms of distance going into this year, but he made it known that he planned on bulking up to be a longer player. The pause in play due to COVID-19 gave Bryson the opportunity to spend some time getting bigger, and the guy did not mess it up.

In the 2019 PGA season, Bryson averaged a little over 300 yards off the tee, which ranked 34th relative to his opponents. This year, Bryson has averaged more than 320 yards off the tee - an increase of over 20 yards, and currently ranks 1st on the Tour. How did he do it? He became a tank. And he hits bombs.

For those golf fans out there who aren't familiar with the technical definition of the 'bomb', I defer to Phil for a thorough explanation.

As Phil describes here, there is a big difference between the 'bomb' and the 'hellacious seed'. A hellacious seed is low dart, somewhat comparable to the Tiger Stinger, whose carry is nothing compared to the rollout. A bomb, on the other hand, is a high, hanging drive that carries forever. And our guy Bryson? He hits bombs. Exhibit A:

I mean look at the guy. He looks like a linebacker. The ball has no choice but to carry 325. I think he might've even laid up a little bit on this one.

After Bryson's ridiculous driving performance this past weekend, he wasted no time getting right back to it. On the range today at Harbour Town, the site of this weekend's RBC Heritage, Bryson was hitting bombs of such a caliber that the course had to request he move back on the range.

This is just incredible. Imagine how intimidated you would feel if you saw your opponent hitting bombs so far that he had to move back on the range. I would shank my first tee shot without a doubt.

Now, it would be something if those long drives were going into some wooded area beyond the range. But they weren't. There are houses behind the range, and evidently the homeowners complained to the course about Bryson's bombs. If you don't believe me, take it from this guy:

If you check out this dude's account, he literally hasn't tweeted since 2014, so you know he had a damn good reason for taking to Twitter. The bombs Bryson is hitting are worthy of your first tweet in 6 years, Jeremy, that much is true.

This weekend, every betting bone in my body tells me to take Bryson at +1300. His bombs are unlike anything I've ever seen. At this rate, he might be driving 400 yards by the time 2020 is done. In the meantime, I'm gonna try to put on weight just like Bryson did and get my distance up. I hope beer works the same as protein shakes.

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