Can We Just Cancel Day Light Savings???

Daylight savings is that stupid day that occurs twice a year. It's the kind of day you forget about until it actually comes and slaps you in the face. Are you ever prepared to lose an hour of sleep? No... And if you are like me and just got picked up from the bar at 3 A.M. as opposed to 2, you were just as confused as I was that you found yourself eating pizza in your boxers at 4 A.M... Your move rock bottom!

But actually... Right when waking up was starting to get easier thanks to the sun, Daylight Savings crashes the party and made you exactly 1 hour sleepier this morning. And this shit happens TWICE A YEAR. Can't we just dial this back to once a year? That would be a solid start...

The O.J. Simpson bit, great show amiright??^

For a little history on Daylight Savings: This asshole from 1895 came up with an idea for implementation in Germany and Austria-Hungary to help energy rationing. But cmmmonnnn maaannnn (Randy Moss), that was a very different time. And that side of the world LOST in the great war. Why would we adopt the principles that our enemies used? Thats like saying: "I really love the Bengals offense this year, lets use their playbook until the end of time". Thats not what winners do, winners keep doing what they are doing. America shouldn't be doing that shit

By the way, if you came to this blog for a history lesson or an educated argument, I'm AMAZED you made it this far.

But in all seriousness, can we just stop this? I feel like it's one of those things that started with a great purpose, but simply lost it's value as time goes on and technological innovation improved. It's just downright stupid and inconvenient that everyone has to lose sleep and adjust to this. My only real question is who decides this?? Does the government just pass a law or do we have to phone up father time? Whatever the solution is, we need to get it in the works, because I'm still pretty tired.


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