• Peter Sauve

Chris Paul is the Ask for Your Manager Guy of the NBA

Look, I am just going to start this post out by reminding everyone that KG should own the Wolves and Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball. Can you imagine how much better the Wolves would be if KG was part owner and that guy was in Glen's seat. Glen fucking sucks man. Anyways on to Chris Paul being a Karen.

In the Wolves game against OKC, Chris Paul snitched on Jordan Bell for having an untucked jersey while Towns was shooting free throws to go up three points in the last seconds of the game. Scott Foster goes on to do some Scott Foster bullshit and Blows up the game with a technical on the Wolves for their second delay of game. WTF!! Are you kidding me?! Kyrie does that untucked shit on a daily basis. You never see a delay of game called on him. Just to make it clear I love untucked Kyrie Irving and never want to see him T'd up for that. Untucked Kyrie basically means the opposing team is fucked and they can't do shit about it. Untucked Kyrie is great for an NBA that is slowly getting worse and worse to watch. My dumbass still watches it because I can't get enough.

I have always thought Chris Paul was a bitch. That Clippers team was full of guys who constantly bitched and moaned at the refs. Look, I know that guys in the NBA are always complaining to the refs but that Clippers teams was a special kind of bitch.

I won't even waste my time with Scott Foster. Let's talk about NBA refs as one entity of garbage. I understand that basketball is an extremely hard sport to ref, if not the toughest out of the 4 major sports. There are only so many things 3 guys (sorry that is sexist because women can ref too) can see on the court at one time. In my opinion refs need to start being held accountable in every sport. Athletes are always held to the upmost standard. Players get tagged with some sort of fine all the time. Refs need to get the same kind of punishment because they are paid over 6 figures to be absolute shit at their job. Is Scott Foster technically making the right call? Yes, but in that situation you let the boys play the damn game without involving yourself unless it is a blatant foul.

What the hell are the Wolves doing on that last play in regulation?! How do you let Steven (Kirk Cousins) Adams throw the ball the length of the court Dennis Schroeder for a lay up to send the game to OT. That should never happen. Have your tallest defender guard the in-bounder and every other guy needs to stay in front of their guy. How is that so damn hard? The Wolves also got their ass kicked in OT. I didn't watch OT because watching this team is just brutal sometimes. Anyways, If Steven (Kirk Cousins) Adams isn't given a 3 year, 100 million dollar all guaranteed deal by the end of the week, that is a huge mistake by NFL execs. Those execs might as well sign Collin (Con Man) Kaepernick. If Steven doesn't get signed he has 17 siblings I am sure that could be better than guys like Mitchell Trubisky.


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