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College Gameday Better Come to Minnesota!

ESPN better make the correct decision to bring College Gameday to the campus of the University of Minnesota, or else that would be complete horse s$@t! I swear in all that is holy, I will boycott ESPN, honestly! ESPN will lose all credibility as a channel that talks about being "the worldwide leader in sports. " More like the worldwide leader in being obsessed with Nick Saban, and everything to do with the SEC.

I mean the College Gameday producer, Lee Fitting, said this in 2014: "People say 'GameDay' should be at the best game of the week. My motto is let's go to the best story of the week."

You have #1 LSU and #2 Alabama playing the week of November 9, but I mean come on! How many times has College Gameday been to Alabama and LSU? 25 times to be exact between both schools! And Alabama has appeared in College Gameday match-ups more than any other school with 46 appearances. That is just ridiculous!

If you're telling me that the LSU-Alabama game will be the best story of the week when Minnesota is 8-0 for the first time since 1941, taking on a top-five opponent in Penn State that is also undefeated and Gameday has never ever been to the University of Minnesota, you are drinking some spiked SEC, southern Alabama, strong-ass moonshine!

With all that being said, this one goes out to you ESPN! Make the right decision and bring Gameday here. Give Minnesota fans something to be ecstatic about. We don't get a lot of national attention! We always get the short-end of the stick!

I do not care how much Saban is paying you under the table, have some damn dignity and do what's right. Bring College Gameday to Minneapolis! Let's Go!

Row the boat, Ski-U-Mah, Go Gophers!

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