• Bossman

Damnit Michael Pineda

Here I am.... half in the bag from 8:30 A.M. golf this morning, riding shotgun in Minneapolis traffic on my way to the Twins game, still upset about the loss last night in the 11th.... just to find out the best starting pitcher, Michael Pineda has been suspended 60 games for using performance enhancing drugs (Run on sentence). Heres what he had to say:

“I mistakenly took a medication that was given to me by a close acquaintance, who obtained it over-the-counter and assured me it would safely help me manage my weight,' Pineda admitted in a statement released“

I understand as much as everyone else how hard it is to be a Minnesota sports fan, so I’m going to make a good college effort to be positive on this one. Mikey... COME ON! You know that random drug tests are coming. Most OTC drugs should be fine, but you can never be too sure. Read the label, have a team doctor check the list of ingredients to make sure your in the clear. You were solid. You were consistent. You knew how to pitch for 6 innings and only allow a few runs.

Its fine. I’m fine. Were fine. If we can pull out a win this weekend, we will be okay. Go Twins!

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