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Dev's Dispatch: Kaprizov Update

Dear Deprived Hockey Fan,

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy FUCKING shit!!!! Late Friday afternoon, The Athletic's Michael Russo reported that Kirill Kaprizov wants to join the Wild THIS SUMMER!!!!!!! If you're not an Athletic subscriber, which, in my opinion, you should be for some of the best content and coverage in all of sports (or at least take advantage of their 90 day free trial going on right now) Russo writes:

"The second biggest update: if this NHL season, currently suspended due to COVID-19, does happen to resume this summer, sources say Kaprizov wants to debut immediately. If the NHL would allow that, the Wild would grant Kaprizov's wish."

My first reaction to this news was nothing short of pure elation. I literally screamed. I called my parents and told them I loved them, drove home, kissed my wife, took my dog for a walk, drew a bubble bath, and poured myself a glass of the finest box of wine we had in the house to celebrate the arrival of the top ranked NHL prospect in the world. Wild fans are more than aware of this kid's special talent to skate, shoot, and score. And my oh my, can he score. And now we get to see this Dirty Dvoryanin in action! Coronavirus taketh, but maybe Coronavirus giveth back a teeny tiny bit as well?

My second reaction was one all Minnesota Sports fans should know well; one of pessimism and cynicsm. So what does this all mean for the Wild? We know Kaprizov's history with the franchise has had its ups and downs, but with Russo also reporting that Kaprizov has turned down an extension with his KHL team CSKA Moscow, this seems to indicate that the next time the Wild suit up to play hockey, whenever or wherever that may be, Kiril Kaprizov will be on the roster.

So now that the Silky Soviet has made it clear he wants to come and play in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, all we need is for the NHL season to resume. Unfortunately, the Wild currently sit one measly point outside of the playoffs, so in order for this dream to become a reality (in the 2019-20 season, anyway) we need the NHL to either have an expanded playoff bracket or something like a full 31-team tournament play-in to see the Russian Rocket in Green this year.

The most Minnesota Sports thing of all time would be to have the Wild get on an absolute heater, watch Kevin Fiala begin to blossom into a star, and have their prized prospect of the last half a decade commit to playing for the team ASAP only to have the season upended by a goddamn pandemic. So in closing, fuck you COVID-19, you selfish bitch.



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