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Diggs Reacts to Kirk Cousin's Re-signing

I woke up this morning to big news. Kirk Cousins was re-signed to a 2-year deal, a deal which clears 10 Million dollars in cap space for the coming season. Regardless of how you feel about Kirk it's nice to have some stability at the quarterback position and to free up an extra 10 million dollars to get Kirk the support he needs.

When Kirk is on... He's a top 10 QB with an absolutely beautiful deep ball.

However when Kirk is off... He can be one of the most frustrating QBs to watch in the whole league.

Someone who I thought would be happy with this deal is Stefon Diggs. Diggs's best years stat-wise have come when Kirk was throwing to him.

Since Kirk has come into town (2018), Digg's has been balling and is one of the best deep-threats in the NFL. So, I was extremely confused when Digg's tweeted this out a few hours after the announcement of Kirk's re-signing:

Why does Digg's always play these games?! Even if this tweet isn't directed at the re-signing, the timing of it is completely fucked up. I'm not sure what Digg's issue is but it has been going on ALL offseason. He goes on Twitter, tweets a bunch of cryptic stuff that insinuates he's unhappy with his current situation, and then he bitches about sports media making shit up about him. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO DO THIS TO US LONG-SUFFERING VIKINGS FANS?! He's a Minnesota hero no matter what, I just wish he could be a little bit more of a team player and could stop having side-line tantrums when his team is leading the Saints in a PLAYOFF GAME.

Digg's is my favorite player and he and Cousin's seem to connect well on the field, let's just hope this off the field shit doesn't get in the way of how great this team could be.

What do you think of the re-signing Vikings fans? Do you like that?

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