Donald Trump Loves 10,000 Takes

I know, I can't believe it too. The very own president of these United States read my blog about the Vikings beating his team, The Giants, and had to call up his old buddy Kirk.

At this point I'm sure you are thinking, "yeah but he's the President, he probably found out about the Vikings win any other way than your shitty writing". But think about it, our close personal friend WCCO (they follow us on Twitter, not a big deal)

first reported this, meaning they had to have told Trump about their new favorite blog, making Trump a new fan of the best Minnesota sports/lifestyle blog.

Not to mention the national spotlight we received from one of the country's most successful men hating the entire state of Minnesota. (I'm talking to you Zuckerberg) There is no possible way that went unnoticed in the White House.

So when Trump comes to the great state of Minnesota for a rally on Thursday at the Target Center bring a friend and try to thank him for his support of 10,000 T's. (or don't I don't know anything about politics so don't try and start anything)

Hopefully Donald can be our new good luck charm and turn this win against the Giants into a streak and lead Kirk to a win against a good team like the Eagles. I mean anybody can win anything right, if this guy is president. (again, I don't know politics).


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