Easter Foods Rankings

Well it's Easter and there is no sports or anything going on these days to blog about so here I am to fulfill your blogging needs and embrace debate. I am now going to rank Easter foods/candies for you guys. If you don't like my list I don't want to hear it, make your own and embrace debate.

This is an obvious last place submission. Nobody actually gets excited about your family's Easter because of vegetables. They are there for color and to make people feel good that they have the opportunity to eat them but don't.

I honestly wanted to put asparagus above these because I hate them so much. Peeps are scumbags, they're gross, they're soft and overall just overrated. But I can't give a vegetable that much credit. The only good thing about Peeps is when the holiday is over and everyone forgets about them again (besides putting them in the microwave)

Out of all the ways to have corn, creamed may be the worst. Corn is one of the 3 vegetables that I do eat, but creamed is just something I can't do. Corn on the cob is a classic for a reason and I believe that an Easter corn on the cob should be on everyone's menu for the holiday.

Here's where my ranking got difficult, everything else is something I enjoy. Ham is a staple Easter meal, it's good, fills you up, and doesn't force you to nap like that turkey at thanksgiving. (Leave those carrots out, they are not one of the 3 vegetables I consume).

Now this is an Easter candy, those scumbags over at Peeps should take a lesson from these guys. I see these only around April and March, and honestly that is for the better. If these were sold year-round I would have a zillion cavities I eat them so much. If I sat down for an Easter meal and these were the only thing on the plate I would be okay with it. I wanted these at number one bad, but just couldn't bring myself to it.

Don't get me started on cheesy potatoes. The potato is a Swiss army knife, it can be made so many different ways (fried, mashed, baked, etc.) but hands down the best way is this. Cheesy potatoes should be a staple at all holiday meals- 4th of July? Celebrate your independence and get a plate of these. Halloween? Load up on some cheesy potatoes and hit the neighborhood trick or treating.

You knew it was coming, there is no way you have a holiday meal without a basket of these chilling in the middle. These put in work every single holiday, and every time they do not disappoint. They are #1 just because of this. No matter what holiday it is they still make the meal perfect. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, they are the unsung heroes of holidays. The most consistent thing on holy days and celebrations since Jesus.

(Honorable mention goes to leftovers. Leftovers may be better than the whole meal combined, for no reason.)

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