• Bossman

Eelpout Festival Has Been Canceled

I want to start this out by asking you, have you ever seen an Eelpout?

Their wide heads and fat bodies really aren't too pleasing on the eyes, just a really disgusting fish in general.

But want to know the best part about them? As 'Minnesota's ugliest fish", they did a wonderful job of bringing over 12,000 people together every year to get absolutely bombed on a lake for 4 days straight. EXCEPT FOR THIS YEAR

Sadly, you heard me right. The annual International Eelpout Festival in Walker, MN has been canceled. The organizers said they "could not reach an agreement on a number of terms with the Cass County officials".

What upsets me the most is that in previous years, I would be forced to sit and watch the reckless events unfold via snapchat stories, just thinking of what I would sacrifice to have the opportunity to shotgun a Busch Light in freezing temperatures.

And this year I really wanted to go. The 10,000 Takes group would have been there, and chances are we would be in the top 30 for drunkest people there. Not a doubt in my mind. So instead, we have to pray that they can get their shit figured out before next year.

In the meantime, to honor what could have been, I have created a collection of images that were captured at previous Eelpout festivals. Enjoy!

We'll get it next year guys.

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