• Peter Sauve

Emiid's a Bitch/Towns and Wiggy Analysis

I Know there was brawl between Towns and Embiid on Wednesday but lets focus on the first week of the season before we get to that. The Wolves started off hot at 3-0. Although it was against a Nets team without Durant, a rebuilding Charlotte team, and a Heat team without Jimmy Butler.

We can all agree on this, that KAT is a beast and should be in the early conversation for MVP. In game one KAT put up 36/14/3 and went 7-11 from three. Game two he put up 37/15/8 and hit 4-7 threes. Towns was slowed a little in game three but still put up numbers. He hit 4-11 from three. His first week of the season he shot over 50% from three. I know that is not sustainable but a 7 footer hitting from outside the arc is just not fair. Bigs in this league do not like to go out into the perimeter, they like to sit in the paint where they are comfortable. Big KAT is eating right now and hopefully he will come back even better and hungrier after the two game suspension.

Andrew "New Hair" Wiggins is another story. This season has started with same story as is whole career. He shows flashes of absolute greatness then he looks like a complete bust. First of all this man is a bust because he was the number one pick overall and he has never played like the number one pick and most likely never will. If he was a late first round then he would not be getting this heat and his ridiculous contract doesn't help matters. Glen Taylor made this the worst contract ever. In the famous words of Kevin Garnett-"Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball." Now that I am out of my soap box about Wiggins, he made me actually love him at the end of the Heat game. I was shitting on Wiggins the whole game because he was 0-6 from three and kept chucking them up. Then all of a sudden he explodes and hits his last 4 attempts from 3 and added a great finish at the rim to close out the game.

Now this is where I just get pissed because I think to myself (and plenty other fans) why can't he be like this more often. I am not asking him to do this every night but damnit be like that even 75% of the time. With that said, Wiggins has looked great when he cuts and drives to the basket and he has shot way less long two's. We will see how good he really is when we go to him without Towns for the next two games.

THIS LEAGUE!!!! Game 7 of the World Series was on when the WWE match up of Towns and Embiid occured. Guess what the internet was talking about? Yep, game four of the NBA regular season because the NBA can not go without any drama.

The NBA needs to move the next Wolves/Sixers match up to Christmas for the whole world to watch. Yes, I know that the Sixers kicked our ass, the Sixers are an extremely long team and their defense causes a lot of chaos and there is almost no space to operate especially because the Wolves play small. The Sixers may be the best team in the East. If we are strictly talking Towns VS. Embiid. Towns won the night. Embiid was 3-10 when Towns was guarding him and if Simmons doesn't join that fight, Towns wins the WWE match up and walks home with the Championship Belt. Although it was a tough look for Towns being put in that headlock, I do like seeing this from KAT because it shows he is willing to literally fight for his team.

The two games without Towns will be tough and I will consider it a win if we go 1-1. The Wolves play the Wizards and Bucks in that two game span. The Wizards game will be close and the Bucks game will most likely be at least a 10 point loss. Anyways, Embiid's a Bitch. #AllEyesNorth

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