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ESPN Can Screw Off!

#13 Minnesota is undefeated. First place in the West division. They are 8-0 for the first time since 1941. They also have won 10-straight games dating back to last season. On top of that, the Gophers will be hosting #5 Penn State, a team that is also undefeated. And to lay on more, ESPN College Gameday has never been to Minneapolis. Not once.

Seems like a pretty damn cool thing Minnesota is doing up there in the icebox state, but you know what? (Talking as an ESPN Exec) Let's go down to Tuscaloosa to host ESPN College Gameday for the FOURTEENTH TIME at the University of Alabama! That's the better storyline! For sure! Alabama has only won five national championships in the last decade and appeared in the last four national championship games. Way better and more unique story down there for sure! It is so unique to see Alabama #1 in the country taking on LSU! Oh my gosh!

I hope you can read through the sarcasm in that last paragraph. If you have not heard, ESPN College Gameday is going down to Alabama next weekend. ESPN is full of S@$t!

They claim to be this awesome sports channel owned by Disney that is all about making dreams come true and creating unique experiences, and all I see is a bunch of lying jerks that go where the money is! Typical Disney!

And ESPN says everything eveybody wants to hear. Like I said in my last post the producer for ESPN College Gameday in 2014 said: "People say 'GameDay' should be at the best game of the week. My motto is let's go to the best story of the week."

What a load of garbage! ESPN, you make me laugh! You guys are a joke. I was really starting to open to the idea that maybe they aren't totally a bunch of SEC roadies wanting to do everything to please Nick Saban. Maybe they will come to Minnesota to bring a unique experience to this great state. But you know what? ESPN is trash! They are full of it!

It's all about politics! They are drinking the SEC kool-aid and they just cannot stop drooling over Nick Saban. It's all about politics and where they feel they will make the most money!


ESPN College Gameday is allegedly about unique stories and unique experiences. My ass!

Screw off ESPN!

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