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Expanded Playoffs, Neutral Sites, November Baseball???

As everyone knows, the MLB was supposed to kick off its 2020 season yesterday. Instead of being out on the diamond players, owners, and the MLB as a whole are in offices discussing options for a shortened season. The 2020 season was originally pushed back 2 weeks, then until May 10th, now its sounding like at least June, early July.

This is extremely frustrating, especially for Minnesota Twins fans. After nearly a decade of dumpster fire after dumpster fire, the Twins have finally put a product on the field that's worth watching. The Twins surprised everyone last season(besides MN sports fans because every year is our year until its not) and won 101 games but got drilled in the ALDS against they who must not be named. The Twins retained all of their key players, plus added former MLB Most Valuable Player Josh Donaldson. That paired with the addition of a true #3 starter with playoff pedigree in Kenta Maeda, had Twins fans buzzin'. This team is by far the most complete team since Mauer, Santana, Cuddy, Morneau, etc in the 2000s and in my opinion its better.

Over the past couple of weeks the MLB and MLBPA have been trying to reach an agreement on a shortened season. Like i mentioned above the MLB is shooting for June, early June if they can. Realistically if the MLB wants fans in the stadium, a July start seems more likely, kicking off the season around the time the All Star game would of been. A June start may mean we see MLB baseball in empty stadiums. Which may be normal for some MLB teams. Looking at you Toronto and Miami.

With the season being pushed back, more than likely the postseason would start later than normal years. This would clearly be an issues for teams in colder climates (MN, CHI, etc). According to ESPN both sides have agreed that postseason games could be played at neutral sites or inside domed stadiums. Does this mean we will see the Twins playing at Miller Park come November. Weird..... There are rumors that the playoff field could be expanded from 10 to 14 teams this season as well. Seriously though, what if there is playoff baseball... in November... at miller park. That's weird enough then on top of that its not the Brewers playing, its the Twins.

All of this is very much still in the air and fans wont know anything concrete until the two sides agree on a deal. Which may not be for a bit as COVID-19 has most the U.S in their homes under lockdowns. Until then all we can do is pass the time by watching old games and highlights. Hopefully we are watching the 2020 version of the Twins by June 1st.

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