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F*** the NHL Schedule Makers

Seriously, F*** whoever is in charge of making the NHL schedule. They need to be fired, humiliated, and should never be allowed to breed ever again. The Minnesota Wild are forced to play 20 out of their first 30 games on the road, and so far, it has really hurt them. In 13 road games this season, Minnesota has a record of 3 wins and 10 losses. Absolutely brutal. Now contrast that to their home record which sits at an impressive 4-1-1.

So, 19 games in, Minnesota sits with a record of 7-11-1, and it all falls on one person (or group of people, idk how the schedule making process works).

The Minnesota Wild missed the playoffs last year and have been lacking confidence all year. At home, the fans seem to give them energy and make up for that lack of confidence. I understand it’s hard to make a schedule, but forcing a bad team to play 20 out of their first 30 on the road is a death sentence, and will kill a team’s season before it even starts.

I’m a reasonable man. I could understand 15 games out of 30 on the road, Hell even 17 out of 30, but when you hit 20 you’ve gone too far. The NHL is to blame for Minnesota’s poor start, and it’s time to hold the correct people responsible. (Who doesn't love placing the blame on someone else?)

F*** the NHL schedule makers

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