• "JJ" Journalist Jake

Former Twin Shows Off Dance Moves

The Washington Nationals clinching a playoff spot was not the only exciting thing to happen to the team Tuesday night.

Former Twins second baseman, Brian Dozier was showing off some pretty incredible dance moves in the clubhouse after the game. I was thinking, where were these moves from Dozier two years ago when the Twins clinched a wild card spot? That's great publicity!

Dozier seems like a calm, down-to-earth individual that would never get down and dirty like this. I could never see him doing anything other than driving a truck down a dirt road listening to some Luke Bryan. And then finishing off the night by drinking some Budweiser and figuring which blue jeans he should wear the next day.

And here he is putting on the moves, and I like it! Why not? You are going to the playoffs and #YOLO.

Overall, I am happy to see Dozier on a team that has a legitimate chance to make a deep run in the post season. I liked him when he played for the Twins and I like him now. And I only wish him the best in the playoffs.

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