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If you haven't seen Tiger King on Netflix, you are really missing out. I will tell you one thing. IT ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK!!!

But please, if you haven't seen it, do not keep reading. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


Anyways, If you have seen the show, I am here to say that Joe Exotic, the Tiger King, and ex-presidential/gubernatorial candidate, should be set free, who is currently serving a 22- year prison sentence for a murder-for-hire plot.

And if you haven't heard, Joe Exotic filed a lawsuit from jail demanding $94 million from the Feds, which includes former partner, Jeff Lowe, and a presidential pardon from Donald Trump.

Good for him! He should be set free. Trump should pardon his conviction as soon as possible. He was 100 percent set up by Jeff Lowe and his shady friend Allen Glover.

They set it up to look like Joe Exotic literally paid Glover to kill his arch enemy, Carole Baskin, a woman he hated with a burning passion, but who doesn't. She obviously killed her husband. She is a complete lunatic.

Did Joe Exotic make some explicit statements about shooting Baskin and killing her? Yes, of course he did. She is the reason he was losing money by suing the hell out of him knowing damn well he did not have nearly as much money as her. And did I mention she killed her husband? He is a southern man taking out his angst against an evil woman trying to destroy him.

So yes, he made some explicit remarks, but I don't think he literally paid money to Glover to kill Carole, a man who said himself that he doesn't take orders from Joe and only listens to Jeff. That's ridiculous. Joe is not smart enough to do that.

Jeff obviously created this whole ruse to set Joe up, get rid of a guy who knows the shady stuff he does and take over his entire operation. It's what Jeff Lowe does best.

There is just no evidence to state Joe Exotic paid anyone. It's all here say. And like I said before, Joe is definitely a loony guy. He said some crazy things. He's definitely hit the meth pipe a few time in his life. But there is no way he paid someone that hated his guts to trek down to Florida to kill Carole.

And by the way, it was only $3,000. A job like that would probably cost $50,000+ to drive from Oklahoma down to Florida to kill a person. Give me a break!

Let Joe Exotic live out his life with his Tigers. I want to see Joe Exotic TV back on the air, and partake in another presidential run!

I should to start a petition (or pension as Bubba would say) to get him out, but I think Cardi B beat me to it. The Tiger King shall live on!

And by the way, Carole Baskin murdered Don Lewis! #LockHerUp

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