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#FreeBubba Update

I did it. I'm that god damn good. Thanks to yours truly, Bubba is a free man. Well, sort of. He still has to follow some conditions. Most notably the judge ordered that Bubba completely abstain from drugs and alcohol. Bubba responded to this condition by telling the judge he would rather stay in jail. What a moron. I quickly talked some sense into him and kept things from going off the rails. You can help out by spamming Bubba's social media feeds with your encouragement to keep him sober during this trying time.

Now that the charges have been made public, I can tell you that Bubba has been accused of assaulting Bossman and possessing counterfeiting equipment. Apparently Bubba went to Bossman demanding a raise and repeatedly shouting, "I am this company." Bossman politely declined and then Bubba went ape shit. Bossman of course fired him on the spot. However, due to an error in how the site is set up, Bossman can't take away Bubba's posting privileges. As a result, you might still see some of the incoherent nonsense that Bubba calls blog posts.

Bossman during happier times

The counterfeiting charge is a doozy. I can't get into the specifics but it involves counterfeiting currency to support a ring of Colombian condom smuggling. How the hell Bubba even get involved in this is beyond me. What an absolute moron. Bubba maintains his innocence. I guess we will see about that. Hopefully after this is all done Bubba will (not) be going to the clink for 3-5 years.

Keep Bubba in your thoughts as he tries to stay sober during quarantine. To everyone else, I recommend increasing your day drinking to make up for the slack left by Bubba.


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