Frisbee Golf Not Essential?

This may be the dumbest thing that I have ever seen. This whole quarantine business was getting the best of me so I decide to take my dog (he's a rescue, I'm kind of a hero for saving his life) and brother for a good old round of frisbee golf. Now I know what you're thinking, "Justin that isn't allowed you need to watch out for your fellow man and stay indoors" Well you are wrong, outdoor activities like running, fishing, or biking is allowed according to our main man, governor Tim Walz. But I bet this was never on his radar and I would like a public statement from Mr. Walz about the essential-ness of a beloved activity in the state of Minnesota, frisbee golf.

Now I don't know what the city of Saint Paul was expecting when they zip tied garbage bags to these frisbee golf baskets but there is no way it is doing anything. Nobody is going to drive to a course, see this and then go, "oh damn, I've been inside for the better part of a week, but I better go home". No, they are going to go about their business, throw 18 holes and then go back home, and the whole time nobody contracted or spread Covid-19. When people play this they're not walking up to everyone, holding hands and touching their face. They throw their frisbees, have some fun and then go home disease-free.

If frisbee golf isn't allowed I would like to see equality among all outdoor activities in the great state of Minnesota. All fishing lakes better be covered by giant Hefty (hefty hefty, stinky, stinky, stinky) bag. Running paths guarded by police, and hiking trails covered with guard dogs. If my frisbee golf has to suffer, everyone else should have to suffer, that's democracy (I think?)

Now I demand answers, and I would like one soon. You are on the clock Mr. Govenor, I would even settle for an answer from the mayor of St. Paul, Melvin Carter. This is nothing against the mayor, or the city of St. Paul I love this city and the mayor seems to be solid too. I just can't imagine why this was a good decision and I'm genuinely curious as to why this is a thing.

(Shoot me a DM if you're reading this Mr. Mayor let's talk business and become best friends, wouldn't that make a good story?)

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