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Game Preview: How Does 10-1 Sound?

I am just as surprised as you are! Heading into their 11th game of the season Saturday, Minnesota only has 1 loss and could get their 10th win! And the chances of doing so are fairly high knowing they will being taking on a struggling Northwestern Wildcat team.

The Gophers will be on the road for the second straight week to take on the Wildcats. This time, however, it will not be in front of a screaming crowd.

And that is mainly due to the fact Northwestern has been flat out terrible this season and practically no one will be at the stadium. They will be coming into the game with a 2-8 (0-7) record. That's right! They have yet to win a game in Big Ten play, and I'll be damned if it will be against Minnesota.

But this is still Minnesota we are talking about here. As good as they have been this year, I feel the history of this team is enough to curse them into losing a game like this, a game that looks like an automatic win on paper.

With that being said, the Gophers just need to come out and play like they have been doing the whole season. In fact, if they play even half as good as they did against Iowa last week they should still easily win this game.

I swear in all that is holy if Minnesota loses this game out of all games, I will probably go crazy, shave my head and end up in an insane asylum. You have made it this far, you cannot afford to lose a game like this and risk losing a potential berth in the Big Ten Championship game and completely shatter all hopes of making the College Football Playoff.

As of right now, the Gophers still have a shot to make the CFP. According to the recent College Football Playoff rankings, Minnesota is sitting at #10, only two spots below from last week. If they win out, which would most likely include a win against Ohio State in the Big Ten title game, their chance of making the CFP are extremely high.

The Wildcats have been outplayed in every facet this season from total offense, defense, scoring, you name it! And Minnesota has been dominant in all of those categories, for the most part.

This game may not seem that important when you compare it to the Gophers last two games, which were against ranked opponents, but the Gophers could go 10-1 and possibly clinch the West if they win and Wisconsin loses to Purdue.

The excitement will still be there in this game, and I will be paying close attention to the Purdue-Wisconsin game.

If you want to get the typical game notes, you can read those here. But I hope you found my preview worthwhile as you should week in and week out.

Let's get to 10-1! That has a nice ring to it!

Row the Boat, Ski-U-Mah, Go Gophers!

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