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Game Recap: Demoralizing Loss But DAMN, Am I Glad to Be a Minnesota Fan

Nothing much needs to be said about the Gopher-Wisconsin game. Minnesota obviously did not have a game plan to stop anything other than Jonathan Taylor and Wisconsin took advantage.

It certainly is depressing and demoralizing, but in the end, Minnesota is still 10-2! I will certainly applaud that. Our first time having 10 wins in a regular season in over 100 years. I'll take it!

And being on campus before, during and after the game made me even much happier to be a Minnesota fan despite the round-house ass kicking the Gophers endured! I would much rather be a Minnesota fan any day of the week and get our ass kicked than be a Wisconsin fan.

Literally, at the game and on campus (at the bars especially), for every 10 Wisconsin fans, nine were complete dicks.

It was actually the opposite for Iowa fans and Nebraska from my past experiences. Most are nice and welcoming!

At the Iowa game, for example, even when Iowa was beating us up in the first half, they weren't yelling in our faces, and we were actually making nice conversation with Iowa fans all around us. They were welcoming us to the stadium, and giving praise to PJ Fleck and our football team for what we have accomplished compared to past years.

For Nebraska fans, who love their football, I mean LOVE THEIR FOOTBALL, I have actually never had one bad experience with a Nebraska fan. All have been respectful even back in the days of the early 2010s when they completely blew us out.

Very very very different for Wisconsin fans!

Wisconsin fans were on the U of M campus and had no sense of morality, maturity, humanity, kindness or respect. It was pathetic. You are always going to have little smack talk between fans, but Wisconsin fans take a it to a whole different level.

At the game, Badger fans were yelling to sink our f@$@ing boat, PJ Fleck sucks, which is normal from any fan other than Minnesota, nothing new, but the non-stop bickering and literally getting out of their seats to get in the faces of other Minnesota fans was just annoying, immature and pathetic.

I managed to actually shut up a couple fans who were randomly yelling in Minnesota fans' faces: "How many Big Ten Championships in the last 50 years? ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!"

I turned around and said "How many National Championships does Wisconsin have? ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!" Sit down and shut up! You're going to win this game, but I'll take seven national championships. Thank you very much!

And a story I heard from other Gopher fans at the game had a whole row of Badger fans sitting right behind them who were laughing when Minnesota players were injured and even at the Casey O'Brien story when it was mentioned! Really?!?!? Have some decency!

You had the better football team on the field and won fair and square, but my lord, have some better values as fans. Holy s@$t.

And it didn't end at the game. Going out to some bars afterwards just got worse. I was of course wearing my "PJ Fleck" get-up, and literally had Wisconsin fans coming up to me for no reason putting a middle finger in my face, saying "f@$k PJ", "PJ sucks", "your football team sucks, Go Badgers, F@$k the Gophers", etc. etc.. Never in my life had that happen with other fans.

I would literally try to be respectful, try to shake hands and say "you guys had a great game, best luck next weekend," etc, etc. But still the same immature comments.

I could not even fathom acting like that, personally! When the Gophers beat Penn State, I told a guy I know who attended the school that is was a hard fought game, James Franklin is a good coach, your team has some great talent, great potential in the future, etc. I could not even imagine sticking a middle finger in his face, for example! Like seriously?!?!?

Like I said, there is always some light smack talk with other fans all in good fun especially with Iowa fans. After five seconds of some bickering with other fans they always come back to reality and just act respectful and have a normal conversation. Not for Wisconsin fans!

And thank you to the one or two Wisconsin fans that came up when they saw that happen and literally apologized! You are good fans! But literally every time I have been at Wisconsin games, here or in Madison, same story. It's bad!

This is not say ALL Wisconsin fans are like this because there are normal, respectful Wisconsin fans that just want to see a good game, and I know some who are, but from a sample size of my experiences over the course of my life, it's few and far between. If a Badger fan told me "these people don't represent our fan base" that would be equivalent to Eagles fans saying the people throwing trash and garbage at Vikings fans at the 2018 NFC Championship game do not represent the entire Eagles fan base.

And I do not want to discredit the fact there are dick Minnesota fans out there too, but from talking with other fans and family who live in Wisconsin, it's not often you run into a Minnesota fan that isn't quiet or polite. I feel "Minnesota Nice" is sometimes too much in effect with our fan base that we sometimes do not smack talk enough! I am definitely victim to that sometimes, I feel like!

But Wisconsin's behavior and attitude is disrespectful and gross quite frankly!

Minnesota lost the football game! They had a bad game, and Wisconsin utterly out-coached and outplayed the Gophers. PJ Fleck did not have a great game plan. And the Badgers were ultimately the better team.

But I'm still rowing! And damn, I'm glad to be a Minnesota fan.

This entitled attitude from from Badger fans is something they can keep. I don't know if all this behavior stems from them beating us so much in the last 20 years and think they are just better than everyone else, but I'll take common decency over that attitude!

At 10-2, Minnesota is still in line for a higher-end bowl game against a possible SEC opponent like Auburn or Alabama. As hard of a game that would be for Minnesota, that would be awesome just to see them play a big-time opponent like that.

Overall, I am just glad to be a Minnesota fan!

Row the Boat, Ski-U-Mah, Go Gophers!

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