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Game Recap: The SEC (And ESPN) Can Suck It

All of the ESPN Gameday guys picked Auburn to beat Minnesota in the 2020 Outback Bowl. Not surprised! #1 LSU had their worst offensive game against the Auburn defense this season, and the Tigers beat Alabama. They also have a top five pick on their defensive line in Derrick Brown. On top of that, Minnesota was coming into the game having lost their last game of the season to Wisconsin by 21 points.

Ok, so maybe it made sense in the scheme of things to pick Auburn over Minnesota. I certainly had my doubts heading into this game. But still! It's like nobody gave Minnesota any chance heading into this game, like all the impressive parts of this team including Tyler Johnson, the defense, etc. had no shot at giving this Gophers team a victory. And guess what? The Gophers did end up winning in the end, 31-24, so that just proves right there the country highly underestimated the Gophers.

I am glad the college football world was proven wrong, more importantly, I am stoked the big wig college football "analysts" at ESPN that seem to always to cheer in favor of the SEC were wrong! So suck on that ESPN and SEC!

I knew if Minnesota was prepared, and more importantly, if the offensive line were to hold up, the Gophers would match up very well with the #12 Auburn Tigers despite having such a powerful defense. And they did just that. They gave Tanner Morgan the perfect amount of time to lay perfect throws to none other than Tyler Johnson, who had a Minnesota bowl record for receiving yards with 204.

Speaking of Johnson, this guy is going to have an excellent career in the NFL. His amazing one handed catch in the back of the end zone was one of the most spectacular catches I have ever seen.

Even the running game was on fire with Mohamed Ibrahim notching 140 yards and a touchdown. All around, the Gophers were clutch. They capitalized on key plays you do not usually see this team make. For example, the two fourth down plays that were made, one for the touchdown and the other to extend the last drive, were stellar. It was by far their best game of the season.

Auburn had one of America's toughest schedules having played five top 10 teams. This team could have definitely been a college football playoff team, and PJ Fleck and the Gophers Rowed that damn boat to victory!

This win hopefully signifies a turn in the Gopher football program that actually entails WINNING! We beat a dominant SEC team! You don't usually see that out of this team.

The 2019 season was a special one, and I was blessed to be apart of it. Minnesota started off the decade strong! Let's keep it going!

Row the Boat! Ski-U-Mah! Go Gophers!

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