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Gopher Basketball Might be Done! And What's With Luka Garza's Dad?

The Gophers lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sunday in very disappointing fashion.

After going up 55-47 with just over five minutes to go, they ended up losing 58-55. If you put two and two together you realize the Gophers did not score for the last five minutes of the game.


With only six games remaining, and Minnesota sitting just outside of the tournament (according to most projections), they needed this win on home court, and they blew it!

And not only that, we lost to Iowa!!! Pathetic!

Luka Garza is a great athlete, but damn his demeanor and attitude is so annoying. He seems to always be looking for a foul, or whenever he commits an obvious foul, he always looks at the ref with the "wHaAaT, i dIdNt dO aNytHinG" look.

And not to mention, his dad is practically at every game always getting overly emotional, acting like your typical sports dad who would get pissed off at the coach for not playing his son enough. The media always has to make it known his dad is at every game for some stupid reason.

Dude, your son plays division I college basketball, not in a middle school traveling league. You can watch your son play, but for Pete's sake, tone it down a bit!

I mean the Iowa Hawkeyes actually made a video just about Frank Garza watching his son play! Like, who the hell cares?!?!?!

So it sucks we could not beat them just for the sake of those two, but the Gophers handed them the game.

Unless the Gophers miraculously pull off four of their next six games against some top-ranked teams such as Maryland or Wisconsin/Indiana on the road, Minnesota will be in big trouble!

This game against Iowa was a must-win in my eyes being how tough the schedule gets going forward.

To be honest, it is not completely out of question the Gophers can win four of their next six, it just depends who they beat in those four games that will determine their NCAA chances. The way they have been playing lately, those key games they would need to win to still have a chance at making the big dance such as Maryland and Wisconsin, do not look favorable.

My point is, with losing to Iowa, they now have to rely on winning some very difficult games to make the tournament, and I do not think they can do that. Therefore, they just might be done!

It sucks to say that, and there definitely is still hope. But you have to be realistic.

I hope they prove me wrong and end up winning their last six games. C'mon Richard!

Go Gophers!

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