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Gopher Hockey is Painful to Watch! What Happened?

Ever since the Gophers hockey team moved from the highly-touted WCHA conference to the Big Ten, it has just gone downhill for the program that was once deemed one of the best college hockey programs in the country.

That now seems like a distant memory!

After completely getting their asses handed to them by the third ranked North Dakota Fighting Hawks last week, it became apparent this team is just not what they used to be, and cannot compete at a national level, which is depressing. They lost the first game 9-3 AT HOME! 9 to fricking 3! What a complete embarrassment. I mean they did play a little better in the second game only losing 3-2, but still. Plain awful!

I remember seeing this team win back-to-back national titles in the early 2000s, and they were one of the Minnesota teams you could actually count on to do something. Now, it's just a complete s@$t show!

Don't get me wrong! I am still a fan of the Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey team. Always will be! I remember going to games as a kid in the WCHA days when Mariucci was packed every single game. And it was an absolute thrill! But that's the problem, you see! Games aren't like that anymore. Mariucci, now 3M at Mariucci (SO STUPID) is barely filled halfway. There's no excitement anymore. No one wants to see the Gophers play Penn State in hockey no matter how good they are.

We want to see them play the UMD Bulldogs, UND, Bemidji State, Mankato State, even Colorado College twice a year like it used to be. The schedule was more action-packed with far better teams.

I think joining Big Ten, which was all for money, really dumbed down the Gophers hockey program. On a yearly basis, they now play teams that sit near the bottom in Division I college hockey. Teams that are so bad that by the time they play a big time opponent during the regular season or in the NCAA Hockey Tournament, they get killed. They just aren't used to playing faster, stronger and better teams.

I only hope for the best for this team! I hope they can salvage the season and completely surprise the hell out of us. But that's hard to see!

They are currently 5-8-3 overall and 2-3-3-2 in conference play. It's just a horrendous record. They have been trending downwards as a program since they moved to the Big Ten.

I will still cheer them on, especially when they take on Ohio State this weekend, but it is definitely hard to do when they lose games to an arch rival 9-3!

Hopefully recruiting can improve and Motzko can get his s@$t together!

Go Gophers! Pride on Ice!

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