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Guess What's Not Canceled Yet? The XFL

What a day in #CoronAmerica (I started that hashtag so when it blows up I better get the credit)...

But seriously though! Earlier today the NCAA released a statement saying that fans will NOT be allowed to attend the game unless they are family or essential staff:

Quick note about this: At least we don't have to worry about the noise of a packed bar drawing out the sound of the game. All we'll miss are the sounds of squeaking shoes and Grandma Patty's 90 year old hands clapping when her douchebag grandson who wears a headband makes a layup.

As exciting as this was, the NBA just took it a step further:

The NBA just suspended play, they were like: "fuck it, were not letting LeBron cry about a another foul until this disease has been contained"... Unreal stuff here.

And from what I have heard, the NHL and MLB haven't officially announced anything yet, but they are likely to head in the same direction.

Through all of this, guess what's not canceled??? The Extreme Football League. As the XFL's biggest supporter, I will 100% back them up if they are the only league who doesn't cancel, why would they? Traditional leagues like the NFL would have folded already here, but not the XFL. Theres nothing more extreme than playing through a fucking pandemic, especially when everyone else is canceling.

And in my personal opinion, I think the Coronavirus is the best thing to ever happen to the XFL. Want to know why?? Because if this was any other year, we would be reaching the point where everyone gives up on another football league. This is the part where people would say "the dark window is over and March Madness is here!" unless it won't be...

And the road to the NBA playoffs? Won't be happening if they can't play. Hockey? Baseball? These leagues are too big and have too much to lose. They will be joining the club, the cool kids club.

So what are people going to watch on the weekends? What are they going to bet on? What are they going to play drinking games to??? THE XFL. I feel like Oliver Luck should be delivering a league-wide miracle speech right now

This is your time XFL. Everyone else is clearing the path, it's time to fucking shine


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