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  • Peter Sauve

Hammer the Vikings to Cover the spread and Divisional Round Parlay. (On Bovada)

Unlike Bossman Jack who is on a plane having some drinks. My sad ass self is eating Brownies and ice cream in bed trying to figure out my parlay for the division round of the playoffs. Yes, Bossman and I come from the same degenerate gambling tree. Before I reveal my parlay for the weekend, which can not possibly lose, I will tell you my why to listen to me, my underdog, which team will cover the spread, and which over/under will be a lock.

All I can say is Jack and I are sports betting pros. Jack came from the fucking grave and is on an 8 game winning streak. What kind of degenerate comes from, what was it? 12 losses in a row. Degenerates do, that's who. There bettor (see what I did there) be a 30 for 30 on this incredible comeback. Second, I came back from Sports betting retirement and hit a massive parlay. (I am lucky as fuck). Dolphins had to beat the Patriots on a 4th quarter game winning drive, Jameis Winston had to throw a pick six in OT for the over to hit, and Derrick Henry had to go off for a 50 yard run for that over to hit. Needless to say I'm not good at gambling, I am a lucky little fucker. I mean look at this parlay.

When it got down to 3 points and I pretty much needed a TD in the Titans/Texans game because of game circumstances I was shitting myself.

Then Derrick Henry came from the heavens and sent my 10 dollars to over a grand. You have to love getting an extra paycheck right after the holiday season.

Alright enough of my extremely short gambling success. My underdog of the week is your Minnesota Vikings because, why not us?! Does this not feel like the year Philly won the whole thing? We will most likely be underdogs in every single playoff game this year and I love the doubt because it puts a chip on the team's shoulders. The spread this week also actually comes from the same Game and that would again, be your Minnesota Vikings at +7 currently. The 49ers are a good team but they are not 7 points better than us and since I am picking the Vikings to win I am obviously picking them to cover the spread. The under this week is in the GB/Seattle game. Seattle just won and ugly game against the Eagles and they have some injuries holding back their offense. On the GB side of things. All bias put aside, they are one of THEEE worst 13-3 I have ever seen (Packers fans even know this). Aaron Rodgers is not what he once was and did you see their last two regular season games? That offense looks anemic.

Lastly, my 4 game parlay will be the Vikings, Ravens, Chiefs, and GB. It can't possibly lose, right? I am only picking the Packers because I want a Minnesota/GB NFC championship matchup. Warning! Do not take this parlay too seriously. I think it will be a great weekend to win some money and watch the Vikings play a tight game against the 49ers and come out on top.

As always everyone, Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball.