• Bossman

Hey Jacob Frey, I Need A Status Update On Those Pants

Politics aside for this one as always, let's not talk about what Jacob Frey has done right or wrong in the last month, lets talk about this video of him in 2018 that has been going around Twitter faster than the Coronavirus (remember that thing, it still exists):

My theory is that Jacob got dressed in the dark that morning and accidentally reached into his wife's side of the dresser, putting on her pants. Once he realized that it wasn't just the summer beer weight that made his pants too tight, he realized he was too far from home and there was no turning back now.

And why did he roll them up to his ankles you ask?? Since this was taken in June, which is a heavy rain month, he was ready for any type of flash flood that can occur in a moments notice.

And I'm not going to comment on his dancing, I'm just as big of a fucking nerd as this guy. So I'm not allowed to do that.

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