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Hey NHL, Give Me a Shot!!!

You may have heard of the very touching and inspiring story about David Ayres, the 42 year old Zamboni driver who suited up as the emergency back-up goaltender for the Carolina Hurricanes Saturday night.

He entered the game halfway through the second period allowing two goals on his first two shots, but proceeded to save the next eight he faced. He became the oldest player in NHL history to win his goalie debut.

You may also recall when Scott Foster came in as the emergency back up goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks a couple years ago and saved every shot.

I absolutely love hearing these stories. These no-named guys go from being a Zamboni driver or beer league goalies to playing in front of thousands on the highest level of hockey in the world.

It's unbelievable!!!

It got me thinking. Why can't that be me?

For those of you who do not know, I was a goalie growing up, and I actually still play in some beer leagues. Am I great by any means? No. But can I make a save here and there? Damn straight!

Circa 2013

Just look at that amateur form. I mean this pic was from 2013 so things may have improved since then.

I feel like I perfectly fit the profile to be an emergency back-up. I do not know what the process is to become one, but I am going to plead my case here.

I am a no-named guy who writes "entertaining" posts at a blog called 10,000 Takes, works a 40 hour-a-week office job and plays net minder in beer leagues. The stars align so why the hell not give me a chance to to be an emergency net minder in the NHL! I fit the profile of being that random, normal-ass dude who does random things that have nothing to do with being an NHL goalie!

For any NHL teams reading this who are in need of an emergency backup, I am ready to take on the responsibility of being the guy to sit patiently in the seats as he watches a free hockey game, waiting and waiting and waiting for the goalie to get injured. I have the commitment. I can do it!

I cannot guarantee I will make every save if my name is ever called to suit up, but one thing is for sure, I will put 110 percent on the ice. And I would enjoy every single moment of it!

Maybe I am getting way too ahead of myself. But this is America. I can do whatever the hell I want so let's go for it! To play in front of thousands of fans would be breathtaking.

Just give me the chance! C'mon NHL!


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