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Hey Squarespace...You Suck

Lets start off by saying that the opinions of this blog are not supported by the wonderful people of Winona, because they might be nicer than me.

I love the Super Bowl, and I love the hilarious ads even more. But today, small towns everywhere, the city of Winona, and the state of Minnesota were attacked by a stupid web hosting company from the land of rats, A.K.A. New York City.

For those of you who might have been in the bathroom puking from all of those tequila shots, or hitting the food table during this commercial, here it is:

I do have to say the commercial is hilarious. Every stereotype about midwesterners that gets thrown our way was covered (we love winter, we aren't technologically advanced, and we talk like creatures from a foreign planet). But when they threw an ACTUAL small town from Minnesota's name in it, they took it too far.

If it was a serious commercial that legitimalty supported small towns and their push to be on the web, then all the power to them. It would have been a great look for a smaller city like Winona. But this was 100% trolling and they weren't even hiding it. I can't be the only one seeing it right??

They make both people in the commercial seem like total idiots. Laying in the snow* "I put pictures on it"... "oh, I like pictures". Here we are in 2020 and Squarespace likes to pretend that small town Minnesota just recently discovered online pictures.. Throwing "Winona", a real life town in there is what makes me mad, not the joke itself.

And where the hell did they shoot this? If they knew the first thing about Winona, they would know that they have these geographical features called bluffs, which are a type of broad, rounded cliff. Not a flat cornfield.

And the worst part in all of this? People are under the impression that this is great publicity for small town Minnesota. After the fact, Squarespace makes it appear like it was a serious ad, but it was the polar opposite. I mean, look at their landing page. One would think it was a totally different message:

This ad is a total joke, just like Squarespace is a joke.

I'm not mean. So I'm not going to say that Wix is a much better platform for the price and has better tech, so I won't. But hey what do I know? I just discovered online pictures!

Go back to New York Squarespace, you aren't fooling anyone at 10,000 Takes.

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